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Cloud solutions are becoming an ever more popular alternative to the often heavy expenditure of keeping systems on site. They allow to keep your data available everywhere and safe with automatic backups, providing reliable and flexible systems that any company – no matter what their size – can reap the benefits from.

Here at Datatronix we keep up with the constantly evolving demands and needs of our customers and ensure that our sales and technical teams are up to date with the latest cloud developments and offerings.
Collaboration and Mobility
Employees can instantly share files with colleagues or sync them to the Cloud so they can access them anywhere, using computers or devices, but in a risk free and safe environment.

Ease of use
Cloud storage service integrates with a whole host of applications, such as Microsoft Office, and is easy to use so no training should be needed, so you’re up-and-running instantly.

Quick personal backup
If an employee just wants to ensure that they have a backup copy of a file before making changes, they can sync it to the Cloud, rather than having to save it to shared storage and wait for routine company backup processes. This makes it fast and easy to restore the files, because your staff can do it themselves whenever they need to.

Regain control
Your data is back under your control and no longer “out there” in the public domain. Cloud storage service includes logs of use, and the ability to take audits.
Cloud Solutions
  • Office365

  • MImecast

  • Amazon AWS

  • Microsoft Auzre
  • Cloud Desktop

  • Cloud Security

  • Cloud Servers

  • Cloud Backup
We are seeing companies of all sizes adopt cloud technologies in various ways, whether it’s moving their email platform to Microsoft’s Office 365 or backing up essential data to the cloud. We have the expertise in-house to listen to our customers’ requirements and tailor the right cloud offering for them.

The safety and security of your data is paramount, so with any of our cloud solutions we ensure that they adhere to the most stringent of security and compliance regulations. So why not get in touch with our sales team today to explore our complete cloud offerings.
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